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Higher income & Flexibility without the hassle

We launched our business in 2017 and growing rapidly. We offer premium property management services in Toronto. At RentMax Property Management, we maximize your income potential while providing World Class service to our travelling corporate guests. Travelers get a locally curated and immersive stay with the reliability of a hotel. What’s not to love?

If you have a primary residence, secondary home or investment property this might be the best solution for you. If you would like to earn the highest income and have the flexibility of short-term renting without the hassle, contact us today!


So far RentMax has,


Made close to $1,000,000 in revenue

Offering up to 30% Above Market Rent


Contact us for Current Career Opportunities and join our growing team.

Benefits of hosting with us


Hotel Supply Management

Guest Security & Vetting

Key Access Management


Guest Services

Price Optimization